Will a Chocolate Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Will a Chocolate Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Chocolate has many health benefits but can it actually help you lose weight? Is there a right and wrong way to eat chocolate? Dr. Will Clower, author of “Eat…
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18 Responses to Will a Chocolate Diet Help You Lose Weight?

  • John Powell says:

    Been teaching gymnastics since 97, another way to really work the shoulders
    is by bridging up and using the legs to press the arm pits over the wrist.

  • Lindsey says:

    Hi Will! I highly recommended the talk How to Lose without Losing Your Mind
    by Dr. Doug Lyle. (It’s on YouTube) It might be very useful to pass on to
    anyone who contacts you with weight loss troubles. Check it out if you’ve
    never seen it or have not read The Pleasure Trap.

  • Karb King says:

    So your message in a nutshell is that ppl come off the low fat wagon? You
    should do a vid about how ppl put on weight when they’re on a low-fat diet.
    Would be interesting to hear your views :)

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