The Quick Way to Lose Weight! For more information about Dr. Berg’s 3-day intensive program in Alexandria, Virginia, call 703-354-7336. Dr….

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  • Tanya L says:

    I am surprised to see him have dairy in his plan. I took a food sensitivity
    test and cottage cheese and yogurt were high on the scale as highly
    sensitive. My naturopathic doctor says most people have sensitivities to
    dairy and they don’t know it. For me, cutting out dairy helped me with my
    weight loss goals. 

  • jessica mullane says:

    I love nuts…. I have had that shoulder pain but I attribute it to work .
    I eat on the run as a paramedic and nuts are fast and easy.

  • Ohio Grl BB says:

    This guy is very good ! Very clear on his plan on body type and what to eat
    or how to exercise .A+ on demonstration !

  • Christopher Berry says:

    Try this: cut out sugar, all drinks with added sugar or alcohol and fruit
    juices. (Check the ingredients)
    Eat normal portions of carbs, greens and meat.
    After 2 days, you’ll be pleasantly full on a normsl plate of food and even
    a glass of water will fill you up between meals.
    After 4 days, you’ll want to exercise.
    After a week, you’ll have lost over 5 lbs.
    And besides the first couple of days, you won’t feel hungry and will be
    able to control your eating yourself snd decide what you should be eating.
    Eating sugar hands over appetite control to the food corps.

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