Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Weight Loss After Pregnancy

http://www.pregnancyweightloss6.com/ Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Weight Loss After Pregnancy. This 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program gives you complet…

Full Workout Plan for Women to Lose Weight & Tone Up (4 weeks to a Fit & Feminine Figure)

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13 Responses to Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Weight Loss After Pregnancy

  • 5StarLibra says:

    so if i wanna workout out in the morning….do i eat first or after i
    cause i been wondering this for a long time.

  • doorsepaas says:

    Hey Joanna! I have been going to the gym for about a month and also lost
    some weight. But I had no definite workout plan to follow until this
    day. THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving us this workout plan. It’s what exactly
    I’ve been looking for! My body type 8 too! Now, I’m about average so I have
    to loose some fat.

    And I have decided to follow your 5 day workout plan…but I have a
    question few questions…

    a. Can I do more than 4 lower body exercises? (because my thighs and bums
    are fat I and I really want to tone them fast!)

    b. You have mentioned abs exercises on all days? 😮 (I don’t want to get
    six packs.)

    c. I just want to look lean and fit. Can you please give me some workout

    (please answer my questions!!!!!) Love your videos!

  • si ledak says:

    halo joanna.. i’m obes girl.. i’m 163 cm but i had 78 kg.. i had tried lot
    of exercises method before,, but seems like all of that are too extream for
    me.. after i saw few videos of u.. i found it very usefull. but i still
    wanna ask, its it ok to juz doing simple workout coz i’m a beginner. n i
    dont wanna my body shocked trough all the hard worouts.. byw,, i will try
    my best to work it.. thank u so much.. wish me luck to loose my weight..
    these weight problems truly make me down… 

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