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35 Responses to LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT TRYING! ★ Daily Routine

  • WorldWideEnigma says:

    to everyone on here saying not to drink water……just go ahead and drink
    sodas all day and stay fat then!

  • Wanda S. Martin says:

    ……Don’t listen to this guy. You need to drink equally throughout the
    day. Drinking most of it in the morning flushes out fast, and toxins in
    your body build up throughout the rest of the day. After drinking all that
    and not drinking for the next 8 hours, your pee will be dark yellow, which
    is a bad thing. It might be better to separate the water into pints, and
    spread them pints equally throughout the day. Also drink water before and
    after eating……ahhhhh…

  • gueneemc says:

    careful not to flush out all your vitamins…

  • jesse weiss says:

    Water doesnt flush out toxins or help u lose weight if u replace other
    drinks with water it will help u to not gain weight but it doesnt anything
    to lose weight

  • occupytosavetheworld says:

    why does this guy sound like a disney prince…

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