Lose Weight In 4 Weeks || Week 2 – Day 1 || Bhastrika

Want to lose those extra kilos in killer time? All it takes is some patience, lots of dedication and a celebrity yoga expert for company. Yoga expert Shammi …
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  • Home Yoga says:

    #quickweightloss #rapidweightloss
    Watch Shammi perform Bhastrika here-

  • shalenigma says:

    Hello Shammi, thank you soo much for your videos, im hoping to start on
    this immediately.
    I have a few questions pls maam:
    1) are these forms supposed to be done on an empty stomach?
    2)do i do all the forms or choose one?
    3)how do i combine this form with Suryanamaskar? Do i alternate?
    Kindly guide me.
    Thank you.

  • Home Yoga says:

    Who the biggest looser!!
    How many variations of Bhastrika does Shammi recommend one to perform on
    day 1 week 2 of Fat to Fab-4 week weight loss series!

    a.) 5
    b.) 4
    c.) 7

    #quickweightloss #pranayama #breathingexercises #fitnessmotivation

    For clues, check the video link here!

  • Home Yoga says:

    #breathing trivia-
    When we breathe we are either right nostril dominated or left nostril. The
    yogis believe that when the right is more open or breathing more smoothly
    we are more fired up, more active and aroused.

    Our in house yoga guru Shammi Gupta teaches how to exercise breathing
    properly to loose weight!
    #pranayama #breathingexercises #breathingtechiques #yogaforhealth

    Click here-

  • Kirthi Lala says:

    Why is there only 3days for a Week, do you only excercise for 3 days a week

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