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1 weird tip to lose fat: Hi guys, In this video, Dan and I talk about the best ways to lose your belly fat and gets abs. We t…
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  • Alex of Smeg says:

    u potted a stripe then a spot man! cheating whilst your mate talks shit

  • hail syria says:


    that face is hilarious.

  • Sam O says:

    I’m on Phase 2 of Six Pack Shortcuts as of now, and I increased my
    metabolism by a lot, I bur n fat when I sleep now. I saw more definition
    in my abs by the 3rd week by sticking to my diet, and the workout regimen
    religiously. Now I don’t spend 30 minutes running on a treadmill after a
    non effective workout. Mike’s program includes all areas of the body,
    while being super effective, and not time consuming, for a person with a
    busy schedule. I recommend this program to any guy that is serious about
    getting more defined abs. My workout regimen also includes yoga once a
    week, for added strength training, I also recommend Jillian Michael’s Yoga
    DVD. I know some of you guys think yoga is for women, before you laugh,
    try her Level 1 & Level 2 workouts for a month, and you won’t ever talk
    shit on yoga again.

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