How To Get Skinny & Lose Weight/ 20lbs Pounds Fast

Whey fasting to drop pound's and get thin fast

These Days is Eight day on my Protein Fast I Am down Eight Pounds 3 inches in my waist 1 inche off my hips

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  • nycita25 says:

    Congratulations!!Have a couple questions:
    How many times you drink the protein a day?. Do you have any problem with constipation? just drinking protein shakes?

  • Meredith M Mazutis says:

    No i’ve had not constipation and I’m drink 2 -3 shakes a day for info easier for me to have u watch the other video’s please where I explain this

  • lakegirl645 says:

    Ya know, after weeks and weeks of low carb dieting & staying the same weight, this is so much more rewarding! Short term sacrifice for Long term results! You look SO GREAT!! So proud of you!! At least we know how to maintain & keep the weight the same by low carbing. I think Atkins is great for keeping our weight the same, but this Whey fast you discovered is what is needed for getting the pounds off first!! I’m gonna do this until I reach (my goal). Then maintain with Atkins. 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Meredith M Mazutis says:

    4 or five a day drink all you want for the most part

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