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MORE INFO: I get so many questions regarding my weight loss journey, one of …
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  • Isabelle de Cárdenas says:

    I can totally relate to the picture as a turning point.
    7 years ago (wow it’s already been that long) I saw a picture of me on
    Christmas. All; smiley and happy, but boy, also SUPER round. Just as you
    said, I looked on that picture so much bigger than I pictured myself in my
    head. I wouldn’t even think of me as heavy in front of a mirror. Well, long
    story short. The picture did it for me. Over the next year and a half I
    lost 40 pounds and have been on a high ever since.
    I gained about 8 pounds back over the last couple of years, but am
    determined to get rid of them again this summer.
    I encourage everyone to take on that journey, you can´t imagine what you
    gain by loosing over weight.

  • Nikol Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing not the easiest thing to do on such a sensitive subject.
    So many girls can benefit from you opening up. Xoxo 

  • MerCedies Twitchell says:

    How can someone break a plateau? I was 275 now I’m 200 and I can’t seem to
    loose anymore pounds. And I’m only 5’2″. 

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