Full VEGAN Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Here it is, a Full Vegan Meal Plan for you to lose weight effectively or even to maintain your weight! You can try it even if you are not a vegan. =) As Vega…
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  • Corey Moore says:

    This is my opinion having a background Sports and Health Science.

    I am not really into counting calories, this feel monotonous (for me and
    people I have worked with) and not necessary. If however you are someone
    that feels the need to count by all means do what feels natural.

    Here is a simple meal plan that I use and recommened to many clients and
    friends I have worked with, feel free to alter the fruits or veggies to
    your liking, this is simply what I enjoyed.

    For breakfast:

    1/2 Cooked Quinoa, add blueberries, 1/4 almonds, flax seeds, raisens and
    sprinkle Cinnamon.

    Snack 1:

    Blend Almond Milk, banana, spirulina, kale and hemp seeds. Easy Herbal
    smoothie I also enjoy an orange along with my smoothie.

    For lunch

    1/2 Cooked Quinoa, strawberries, walnuts, grapes and Cinnamon

    Snack 2

    Blend Almond Milk, banana, baby spinach, chia seeds and dark leafy greens.
    I also enjoy a cut up honey crisp apple along with my smoothie.

    For Dinner I enjoy a warm soup (I live in MN), if you want the actual
    step-by-step recipe I can provide.

    However the soup consist of;

    Broccoli, carrots, oinons, almond milk, water, diced red potatoes and a
    pinch of salt and pepper. I use oragnic blue corn tortilla chips as scoops
    to dip in.

    Hope this helps :)!

  • Tumble Witt says:

    Thank you for sharing a sample of your diet. Personally I felt the menu was
    a little boring (in terms of ingredient choices), 2 oatmeal foods in one
    day is kind of much for me as well, but you do hit the mark nutritionally.
    The “cole slaw” like dish looks great. 

  • Stephii Hurles says:

    Ok. Honey is not vegan so why suggest it ? And 1300 cal is starvation!
    Women should be consuming 2500 cal a day 

  • jazmin ramos says:

    its better to be a vegetarian than a fully raw vegan instead it more cheap
    and also you can enjoy eating more pastas and other food made from flour
    and veggies cheese and dairy food also eggs have more protein also legumes
    all different type of food thats more tasty and besides you get more
    nutrients comparing to raw vegan food i mean its also healthy but its not
    that really tasty and chewy like vegetarian and it also lack of protein and
    all vitamins we need

  • Kiki Capri says:

    Btw I’m so trying your energy drink for workouts and your food bar :)

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