Acai Berry Diet – Does It Work? The acai berry diet can help you lose weight and feel great while flushing out harmful toxins from your system. Visit our web…
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3 Responses to Acai Berry Diet – Does It Work?

  • Jaime Osterling says:

    Acai the fruit is not responsible for the money scams out there please be
    informed and do your research before you buy if you have to give a CC
    number then you are probably gonna be scammed… we in Peru have this fruit
    growing all over the place..and well nobody has come to buy from us..
    therefore don’t burn a perfectly good market for a couple of companies
    making fools of you.. Acai is and will be an excelent dietary supplement
    when taken raw. buy the fruit itself.. you are who create demand!

  • vdiot says:

    My sister sent this link to me and her friends and I’ve recommended my
    friends and we’ve order and received our free bottle without any issue.

  • Str8talk4real says:

    This is a scam this company charged me 2 times 1 for $0 .99 and another for
    $9.95. The confirmation is stating that I was billed $2.95. Charges will
    appear on your credit card statement as YOUTH NUTRITION 877-619-2649. Stay
    away, it took me 45mins to speak to someone who was rude and hang up,
    stating it was my problem and theirs nothing I can do….

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