1 Weird Old Tip To Lose Fat

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  • Fishbone Mash says:

    I listened to this episode twice, and I’m still puzzled. The implication I
    get from it is that counting calories does matter for weight loss, but not
    all that much for sustaining weight. Which I wholeheartedly agree with.

    But I’m living proof (at least to myself) that calories in/calories out is,
    in the long run, all that matters when weight is all we’re looking at. I
    lost 10 kg (22 pounds) in 10 weeks following no particular diet; all I did
    was to get a kitchen scale and weigh everything I ate rigorously,
    approximate my metabolic rate, keep track of everything on an app, and try
    to create a deficit every day. I cut back mostly on fat (which I don’t
    recommend, although I didn’t know then that fat is often good), but also on

    I would probably have felt better during the weight loss on a diet like
    Paleo or LCHF, and counting calories is a pain in the neck, but the fact is
    I lost almost exactly 1 kg a week and reached my goal the exact same week
    that I had planned months earlier. That was in April, and I have been
    casually monitoring my caloric intake with the same app, staying at the
    same weight ever since then. So for me, I can’t get any more convinced that
    calories are crucial to weight monitoring. You don’t necessarily have to
    count them, but you must acknowledge them and not overeat for a long period
    of time.

    Bottom line is, I agree with much of what you guys said, and I think that a
    good diet will drastically improve the life of anyone, but you simply can’t
    disregard calories, since caloric balance from a purely technical
    standpoint is what weight ultimately is determined by in the long run.

  • prettylolitadoll says:

    Actually you can get B12 from vegetables that have not been washed. Eating
    them a little dirty you’ll get B12. 

  • afterzir says:

    I like Bailor’s response to the vegan question. I’m a vegan but I think
    most vegans have poor nutritional knowledge and follow diets that are

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