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Burn + Control Weightloss Gourmet Instant Coffee by Javita – 24 Sticks

Burn + Control Weightloss Gourmet Instant Coffee by Javita – 24 Sticks

Burn + Control Weightloss Gourmet Instant Coffee by Javita - 24 Sticks

  • A delicious gourmet instant coffee that helps you burn fat & suppress appetite.
  • Manufactured in the USA and fueled by herbs that have been used since the 16th century.
  • Yerba Mate suppresses appetite, provides sustained increase in metabolic burn & caloric burn rate.
  • Garcinia Cambogia decreases your appetite & reduces the amount of carbs stored as fat.
  • Dissolves in hot, warm and cold liquids – excellent for steamy, hot coffee or icy frappucinos!

This is for one (1) Box of Burn + Control Javita Gourmet Coffee. Each box contains 24 sticks which is good for 24 cups of Javita Gourmet Coffee.

This isn’t your average cup o’ joe! This is coffee… Evolved!! An innovative and unique formula that harnesses the power that coffee already offers – the health benefits, antioxidants, pick-me-up, and of course the flavor – and we have given it an extra “edge.”

We’ve evolved coffee by infusing phytonutrients into a blend of estate-grown coffee, providing every delicious sip with the added benefits of health and vitality. That’s Javita’s unique plan to distinguish its coffee from other brand – to not only give you benefits of coffee, but also the benefits of the natural herbs.

Burn + Control

A gourmet instant coffee that helps reduce and curb your appetite, eliminates cravings, reduces portion sizes, decreases stored carbs and recharges your metabolism to burn more fat. Fueled by herbs that have been used since the 16th century, Burn + Control is as much of a treat for your taste buds as it is for your waistline.

Burn + Control works because every serving includes an efficacious amount of these safe, proven herbs:

YERBA MATE: * Helps suppress appetite * Provides a long sustained increase in metabolic burn * Increases caloric burn rate.
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA: * Helps decrease your appetite * Helps reduce the amount of carbs stored as fat.

List Price: $ 25.50

Price: $ 25.50

The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient That Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods

The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient That Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods

- In May 2003, Women’s World ran an article touting the weight loss benefits of coconut oil. It created such a demand that by June, there was hardly a bottle to be found. This book provides the scientific information about why this oil works, as well as how to use it. – Cherie Calbom’s The Ultimate Smoothie Book (Warner, 2001) has gone back to press five times and has sold nearly 40,000 copies. Juicing for Life (Avery, 1992) has more than 1.6 million copies in print. – Cherie Calbom is known to millions of fans as “The Juice Lady.” Her infomercials with Jay Kordich–”The Juice Man”–and former World heavyweight Champion George Foreman are world-renowned. Marianita Jader Shilhavy has a B.S. in nutrition and has worked as a dietician and nutritional counselor in the Philippines. A slight variation on the standard low carb theme, The Coconut Diet’s biggest strength is the recipes. Author Cherie Calbom (The Ultimate Smoothie Book) includes a wide range of easy, deeply flavorful sauces, soups and condiments that will keep the interest of the pickiest palate while still following the fairly strict limitations of the accompanying diet.

While the ostensible goal is weight loss, many of the chapters concern themselves with the varied symptoms of poor health–low energy, general aches and pains and digestive troubles particularly. Suggestions for feeling better center around cleansing juice fasts, supplements, and colonics, along with a recommendation of adding virgin coconut oil (a saturated fat created with medium-chain triglycerides) to each meal, for a total of two to three tablespoons every day. A healthy fat with a bad reputation, it does have the benefit of helping you feel full during a limited-calorie diet–and if you find that it lives up to the somewhat miraculous claims outlined in the book, so much the better.

Aimed more at folks trying to achieve a point of basic health rather than already active people working towards optimum fitness, many of the chapters shun allopathic health care, claiming that many standard tests aren’t up to scratch and that proper diagnosis can be achieved by attending to your symptoms. For readers who are open to looking at a range of possible solutions to their health issues, the naturopathic ideas offered here may well provide assistance–but whether a single tropical oil can measure up to all the claims is something lab scientists and natural nutritionists will argue about for some time to come. Jill Lightner

List Price: $ 15.00

Price: $ 6.55

WEIGHT-LOSS WARRIORS: Couple loses 320 pounds

WEIGHT-LOSS WARRIORS: Couple loses 320 pounds
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Dr Chen said their studies showed an increase in weight loss 2 to 3 times more than those not taking any Garcinia Cambogia Extract, which resulted in up to 10 pounds or more per month without change to diet or exercise. Dr. Chen called it a “Dual …
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