Minn. movement helps get healthy food to at-risk people

Minn. movement helps get healthy food to at-risk people
The families will also receive nutritional counseling and cooking tips from hospital staff. It seems like a simple … Those high-calorie foods make it harder for her to lose weight, which she needs to do to get her diabetes under control. There are …
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Experts say you can trick your mind into helping you lose weight
Wansink says that even just using smaller plates will trim you down, losing you one to three pounds a month, and you won't even know you're eating less. And it doesn't work just in restaurants; you can use these tips at home with your family. For …
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Why Pinterest could make you gain weight
But, if you're trying to lose weight, it can be tricky sifting through the hundreds of thousands of recipes at your fingertips. Luckily, we've compiled some tips to help you navigate through the sugar, spice and everything ā€œnot so nice.ā€ Pinterest Pros …
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Fall in love with a delicious Greek ā€“ dreamy yoghurt
Though most experts agree that Greek yoghurt has a nutritional advantage, both kinds help you lose weight by keeping you full on fewer calories. The key is sticking to plain, non-fat, or low-fat varieties. In a recent study published in the New England …
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