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Garcinia cambogia weight loss claims may be misleading
Dr. Oz calls it €œThe newest, fastest fat buster, and says its an effortless way to lose weight quickly and effectively. He even claims it's a way to get slim without any diet or exercise and that it contains a natural appetite suppressant. Sceptics …
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Run, Forrest, Run: 8 Race Training Tips to Get You to the Finish Line
One surefire way to suffer a running-related injury right off the bat is jumping into training too quickly and building up your mileage too fast, or not giving your body enough time to recover from your training runs. This will only lead to injury and …
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Researchers offer tips that may suppress your sweet tooth for good
Fill your need in healthier ways and sugar loses its power over you. 9. … While a multivitamin can't replace a healthy diet, this bit of extra nutrition "insurance" can't hurt-and you might just find your cravings lessen while your weight loss speeds …
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Spin to trim: Hoop your way to fitness
I was introduced to hooping a decade ago by a dance instructor, and was delighted at how quickly I saw my abs contouring and waist shrinking, though the latter wasn't my intention on my Twiggy frame. … The weight is up to you. Most weighted hoops …
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