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Eating A Tapeworm To Lose Weight And Other Weird Diets From History (VIDEO)
During that week, you can only eat fruits, vegetables and, of course, cabbage soup (staying true to the diet's moniker). Although followers of this diet often do lose weight, according to Cheryl Forberg, R.D. and resident nutritionist for NBC's The …
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Will Floyd Mayweather risk a fight with one of the young guns? Thurman and
Both guys are talented, fast (Thurman especially) and powerful (Porter especially). Helping make an already exciting weight class that much more exciting – with top class operators Tim Bradley, Manny Pacquiao and (expected to move up from 140 any time …

A day in the life of a journeyman jockey
“I like to get home and just chill for a while,” he says, as he switches on the espresso machine for his breakfast coffee (he eats only once a day, in the evening, to keep his weight down to around 115lb). … As someone predisposed to contemplate half …
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