Ask a Sports Medicine Doc: Managing arthritis

Ask a Sports Medicine Doc: Managing arthritis
Self management programs including weight loss efforts, lower extremity and core strengthening and low-impact aerobic exercises. Prescribed physical therapy, which may include range of motion exercises, strengthening, neuromuscular education and other …
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Alien fish boom shows difficulty of replenishing Murray-Darling
… its water levels and quality. But our research shows that, during the 2010-11 floods, measures taken to manage water levels and preserve local wildlife ended up helping alien species, such as the troublesome common carp. … A key aim of …
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With calves at — attention to detail pays dividends!
When consulting with producers on their pre-calving and pre-breeding feeding programs, high on my checklist is ensuring that the nutrient requirements for pregnancy and lactation are met, particularly that of energy. Failure to meet the … It is well …
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