Weight Loss Yoga Reviews

Weight Loss Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga

  • 4 workouts to help you drop pounds and inches, quickly and safely
  • Bonus downloadable yoga practice
  • Free downloadable weight loss recipes from Trudie and Sting’s personal chef
  • Trudie Styler interview on weight loss and healthy eating, from her English estate, Lake House
  • 15-minute meditation with Trudie

The stresses of daily life can lead to unhealthy habits including poor nutrition, lack of exercise and inadequate rest. Trudie Styler s Weight Loss Yoga helps you adopt a more balanced lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals while creating a healthier body.

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss
(18 Minutes) – This cleansing and strengthening routine will help you shed extra pounds so you ll be leaner, stronger and more energetic. Based around many of the traditional standing yoga postures, this flowing practice gets you moving gracefully while you make noticeable progress.

Total Body Yoga (24 Minutes) –
Expand on the previous workout by adding a little more challenge. You ll work all the major muscles, building upper body, lower body and core strength while increasing flexibility, stamina and balance.

Yoga Abs (15 Minutes) –
Improve core strength, flexibility of the spine and posture, as you activate the deep layers of the abdominal muscles for a firm, flat midsection.

Chair Yoga (35 Minutes) –
Easy-to-follow routine perfect for those new to yoga or easing back into the practice. The chair provides a comfort zone and allows you to practice with confidence, despite lack of flexibility or experience.

Trudie Styler interview on weight loss and healthy eating from her English estate, Lake House
Interview with Dr. Alejandro Junger on his best-selling book, the CLEAN diet
15-minute Meditation with Trudie
AM Yoga Practice with James D Silva
Recipes and tips from Trudie and Sting s personal chef.

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  • Ann says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good yoga workout, but too much time spent on promotional intro., March 25, 2011

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    This review is from: Weight Loss Yoga (DVD)
    I have several of Trudie Styler’s workout DVD’s. I enjoy each of them very much and can contend with the introduction portion of her other ones — as fast forwarding is blocked during this time, unable to skip directly to the start of the practice. I cannot contend with the length of the introduction in her “Weight Loss Yoga”. I work out twice daily with DVD’s and this one is most annoying due to the excessive length of time taken to promote her other DVD’s before getting to the actual workout. I have to plan around this portion, by putting her DVD in to play while I leave the room to do something else until the program begins. Frustrating to say the least. If I’m in a hurry on a particular day and need to just get right to a quick workout, I have to choose another practioners DVD over Ms. Styler’s because of this waste of time. Does anyone know how to skip over these annoying introductions ???


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  • Kent Island Lady says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    So Far So Good, July 7, 2011

    This review is from: Weight Loss Yoga (DVD)
    I bought this about a week ago. I was somewhat hesitant after reading one review that thought this was too difficult for an overweight beginner, and another one that said you would not work up a sweat. I have practiced Yoga off and on for 20 + years, and am once again working my way back into it.

    So far I have done the 18 minute workout for one week daily. While I am overweight I am able to do all of the positions, and I do break a sweat. I have not weighed myself so cannot attest to any weight loss, but feel pretty good after doing the workout. I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit already! Initially my left hip was quite painful. After a few days the pain subsided and now I can move it smoothly along with the DVD instruction. Thanks, Trudie and James!

    This is well done, and well thought out for weight loss. I would highly recommend this DVD to beginners and to those who are periodic yogis for weight loss. I suspect that the advanced yoga practitioners do not need to lose weight, and therefore this may not be much of a challenge to them.

    I have had no problem accessing the menu to go to the workout of my choice and am easily able to bypass the sales pitches. BTW, Gaiam, I would really like to be able to purchase your DVDs without the commercials.


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