The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

the simple Option To Cease Ingesting

The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

Carr bargains a startling new view of why we drink and the way we are able to escape the dependancy. Step By Step, with devastating readability and ease, he applies the Easyway™ manner, dispelling all the illusions that encompass the subject of Ingesting and that can make it almost not possible to think about a life without alcohol. Most Effective once we step away from all these supposed pleasures and take note how we’re being duped to imagine we are receiving actual advantages can we start to live our lives free from any need or want for Consuming.

The Easyway™ means facilities on removing the psychological wish to drink—whereas the drinker is still Consuming. Following the Easyway™:
• You Will not want strength of mind
• You’re Going To now not feel disadvantaged
• You’ll lose your worry of withdrawal pangs
• You Are Going To revel in social occasions Extra
• You’ll be better outfitted to handle stress
the simple Approach To Cease Consuming is a landmark work that provides a simple and painless technique to any individual who wants to flee from dependency on alcohol with out feeling deprived.

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  • InfoFish "Swimming the Information Streams" says:
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    Bizarre, October 26, 2007
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Easy Way to Stop Drinking (Hardcover)

    I am not entirely sure why or how this works. I am entirely more unsure of why you don’t hear about Allen Carr’s method more often. I am a bit blown away. A few chapters thru this book and I just stopped. Just like that. I have an entire fridge full of Sam Adams and a few bottles of wine, too. No more wine tasting – nothing. BIZARRE. I don’t have the miracles to report that my life changed drastically or anything but I did want to totally stop and this book helped me make it happen. Like I said, it is utterly bizarre. I hope to finish the last few chapters this weekend and then I will call it a wrap. It was pretty easy, too. There are several books available to purchase on this topic – THIS is the one that worked for me, the first few chapters, the very first time.

    Wanted to add a bit of a follow up – It’s been seven weeks, and I really only wanted to drink one Friday afternoon for a bit, recently – and I didn’t. So far, that was really the only time I’ve experienced any thoughts at all about drinking. I’ll add more to this review as time goes by.

    I did six months without a drop.

    December 2008 – THE UPDATE

    It’s time for me to read the book again! LOL I did a really great six months – but then slid a little, and then a lot – and now I need to read the book again. The problem this time around, is that I am not as motivated to stop completely. It’s like I am avoiding another read thru, cause I know it will make me stop. Thanks for all the requests for updates!

    The book really does work – but YOU have to work on your desire to WANT TO STOP.

    Another update – can be found under July 2009…

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  • L.A. Lady says:
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    Easy Way is Amazing!, January 30, 2008
    L.A. Lady (L.A., CA) –

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    This review is from: The Easy Way to Stop Drinking (Hardcover)

    I found this book exactly two years ago and will be forever grateful that I did. I am a professional with a career, a wife, a mom, a good friend. But I had a big problem. I was trying to control my drinking, and yet would inevitbably end up drinking more. I felt awful, guilty, out of control. I tried a few self help methods, but wasn’t ready to check into rehab or an AA group. Serendiptously I found Allen Carr’s book. I read it, followed it, and stopped cold. It was “easy” in that once I read the book I knew I wouldn’t go back, and that I had a tool to refer to when I felt a little shakey at the beginning. But once I had that last drink I was DONE. The book gives you the tools you need to stop and to actually feel great about it.

    “Easy Way” is not a literary masterpiece, and it’s not your typical addiction book. However, it’s roots are solidly planted in cognitive-behavioral psychology, with lots of common sense ideas sprinkled in. It may not be high-brow, but it makes so much sense.

    After I stopped drinking, I began to look around at how alcohol and other drugs are viewed and used, as Carr suggests. He states that alcohol is really the last socially acceptable drug, and that even the most casual and responsible drinker is dependent. I started observing my friends, acquaintances and strangers after reading the book, and realized how true this is, as you will if you are willing to look. I’ve noticed how friends who have to give up alcohol for even a short time miss it terribly. If they are stressed they can’t wait to have a drink. This is no accident, but a consequence of using a drug. These are people who don’t drink daily, rarely drink more than one or two drinks, and usually have alcohol with meals or socially.

    I have no problem being with others who drink, going to bars or clubs if I feel like it (though I seldom do), and it’s so liberating. In fact, one of Carr’s important points is that once you quit with his method there is no reason to avoid friends and loved ones who drink. This is the case for me and is one of the things I really am amazed at. AA and other programs are adament that once you are an alcoholic, you are always an alcoholic; that you are always at risk. Carr begs to differ. Once I realized what alcohol is and what it does to the body, I would never go back.

    Since finding “Easy Way” I have gotten the greatest compliment of my life. I was at a dinner with some friends and their kids. One of the kids said “… You are high on life, everyone else is high on their drinks!”. I am so glad my happiness shows so clearly.

    Finally, I have a teenager and am now able to engage him in conversations about drugs (alcohol, pot, smoking etc.), and I feel I have a real chance of innoculating him against the pressures in our society to use and abuse drugs. Many parents I talk to think that learning to drink responsibly is a good idea, and that it would be strange if their kids didn’t experiment. After reading “Easy Way” my message to my child is that alcohol is a drug, and once you try it, it pulls you in gradually and imperceptibly as do all drugs. AND IF YOU DON’T DRINK, YOU CAN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALCOHOL.

    My one concern is that perhaps additional assistance would be necessary with a multiple drug habit. And certainly there is no problem getting help from a program. But I swear by “Easy Way”! But I hope if you are having a problem you’ll try this book.

    April 2013 – Just went to Amazon to buy this book for a loved one with a drinking problem and looked at the reviews. I forgot I had written this in 2008, and it is 5 years later. So here’s the update: I am still happily free of alcohol cravings and haven’t had a drink in seven years. Every now and again I pull out my copy of “Easy Way” to review it. Alan Carr’s method has worked like a charm form me. I will never go back, and am profoundly grateful that I found this amazing book all those years ago.

    Thank you Mr. Carr!

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  • BigMac says:
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    Allen Carr’s Easy Way Review, June 9, 2008

    This review is from: The Easy Way to Stop Drinking (Hardcover)

    I read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Drinking with a critical, but hopeful open mind. I wanted to believe that just by reading this book that he would convince me to give up drinking without regret, and without the need to use willpower. I liked that I didn’t have to give up drinking during the book. That gave me some time to put off that dreadful day.

    I read steadily, but had no desire to finish it in record time. I was always sober when I read it, but always looked forward to my nightly ritual of beer and scotch and falling asleep on the couch. His book really spoke to my personal situation. However, I began to dread getting to the end, but also wanted to get to the end to get the magic instructions. I read the rules to agree by before going on. I wasn’t sure I agreed with them 100%. I tried rereading some chapters that really spoke to me. I read the instructions. They seemed common sense. I didn’t think that was going to do it for me. I read the chapter on the final drink. A little disappointed, I went home to have my final drink. I couldn’t have just one. I had my usual, and felt the usual in the morning. It sucked.

    The next day I picked up the book again and started reading. I reread the instructions. I reread some chapters.

    I kept reading the book, finding a lot of solace in breaking false drinking associations, and reminding myself daily that alcohol ravages time, energy, love, and money. Four things we can never have enough of. I made a habit of reminding myself of how great it is that I am free. I will not mourn the drink, nor envy those who drink.

    I am wary that I may eventually let my guard down, and enjoy reading a chapter or two again to reinforce my decision. I will also say that those who like AA, may not like this book, as it is counter to what they may have been taught or what works for them. The prospect of taking it a day at a time, and learning to live with the desire to drink, to me, it seems only feeds your mind that you are giving something up and that you are the only one in the way of that pleasure. As Carr would say, “What a morbid prospect!”

    To be fair, it has only been 20 days of living life outside of that prison. But I am optimistic, and I encourage anyone with an open mind to read the book, and if it doesn’t speak to you on the first read, go back and reread the chapters that speak to your doubts. The book spoke to my personal situation, but I doubt would have worked for me even 10 years ago.

    Did Carr convince me to give up drinking without regret, and without the need for willpower? I don’t know. I would like to say, Yes, Absolutely! But I admit there is a small doubt in the back of my mind that the lessons will wear off. I believe he did give me a very logical view of what alcohol is, and what it has done to me. I feel good about my decision. I look forward to living my life without the addiction of alcohol.


    I am still alcohol free after 7 weeks. I feel better than I have in years, and am genuinely happy that I am not drinking. Carr’s method is still working for me.

    ***UPDATE*** Oct. 1, 2008

    Still not drinking. Have had a few days where I started thinking it would be fun again. I re-read a few chapters. I still like to refer back to the chapters, and re-read the rules. It really makes no sense to consume alcohol. It takes so much, and returns nothing. It’s just a widely available drug. Treat it as it is.

    Carr correctly reminds us that alcohol ravages time, health, love, and money. Four things you can never have enough of.

    Still not drinking after 4+ months and glad of it.


    ****Update Jan. 7, 2009****
    I made it through the holidays, and even a New Years Eve party without a drink. I was the only one not drinking, including my wife who still drinks a little wine.

    I have not had a drink in 7+ months. I still look at drinkers, and have no desire to join them, but there are times when I have felt restless. Like I was missing something. I like to go back and review a few chapters of Carr. It still helps to do so.

    I can honestly say that I have never felt better. I sleep well, and have a clarity of thought that is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it. I read more, and just have more time in my head.

    I still think Carr works best for those of us who do not have underlying issues, because those will still be there. I also don’t think it would have worked for me in my 20’s, I was just too hung up on partying away my life, though I wish I could go back. What a waste of time, money, etc.

    Best of luck to anyone reading this.

    **** Update June 1, 2009 ****

    Just wanted to add an update that I passed one year about a week ago. It was a good year, and I did enjoy passing each first…

    Read more

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