SlimFast Double-Dutch Chocolate Snack Bars, 23 grams, 6 Count Bars

SlimFast Double-Dutch Chocolate Snack Bars, 23 grams, 6 Count Bars

SlimFast Double-Dutch Chocolate Snack Bars, 23 grams, 6 Count Bars

  • For use as part of the SlimFast Plan – a perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth
  • Picture it: a chewy fudge brownie, decadent chocolate coating, and you – all for just 100 calories. If you think that sounds good, wait until you see the slimming results!
  • Clinically proven to work and work fast – you can see real results in just 1 week with America’s #1 favorite weight loss brand
  • SlimFast has helped millions of people across America lose those unwanted pounds faster than dieting alone and is the one of the most delicious ways to lose weight – with SlimFast It’s Your Thing!

SlimFast Snack Bars, Double-Dutch Chocolate

Contains 0 grams trans fat and no partially hydrogenated oil.
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Slimfast Snack Bars

Need something to satisfy your cravings in between meals? Slimfast offers a variety of delicious snack bars at 100 calories. No Slimfast Snack Bars contain trans fat and partially hydrogenated oil.

Clinically Proven Safe and Healthy Weight Loss and Management Program

Slimfast Double-Dutch Chocolate Snack Bar contains 100 calories, 0 grams trans fat and no partially hydrogenated oil. Nosh on these delish delights to treat yourself to a super yummy snack.

Start Your 14-Day Slimdown

Need to drop a few lbs fast? No worries. Whatever the reason, Slimfast is here to help you get what you really want. By swapping two meals per day for delicious Slimfast protein meal bars or shakes, you can lose up to six pounds in the first two weeks. Now, how easy is that? Need a couple of ideas for a nutritious third meal? We can help! Slimfast has many delicious 500 calorie recipes at Slimfast. com, come check us out and get what you really want. And after 14 days, vavavoom!

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Slimfast Protein Shake Mixes

Get into the mix. Shake up your routine with a variety of flavors that are ready to enjoy in seconds. Simply combine with eight fl. oz. of fat free milk to create your own deliciously satisfying shake. Loaded with 10-15g of protein and four to five grams of fiber per serving to keep you satisfied for up to four hours.

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Slimfast Snack Bars

Nosh on these delish delights. Treat yourself to super yummy Slimfast Snack Bars. From Double-Dutch Chocolate to Peanut Butter Crunch Time flavors, you’re sure to find a new favorite.

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Slimfast Protein Meal Bars

Raise the bar on the go. Whether you crave decadent rich chocolate or sweet and salty, we’ve got a flavor for you. Loaded with eight to ten grams of protein and six to nine grams of fiber per serving to keep you satisfied for up to four hours.

*If you want to lose weight & are under 18, pregnant, nursing, following a diet recommended by a doctor, have health problems such as diabetes, or want to lose more than 30 lbs., see a doctor before starting this or any diet. Do not lose more than 2 pounds a week after the first 2 weeks. Rapid weight loss may cause health problems. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition. Follow the Slimfast plan based on 1,200 calories per day. Drink plenty of water, and exercise 30 minutes daily.

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Slimfast Protein Meal Shakes

Shake it up. Satisfy your sweet tooth with irresistible Slimfast Protein Meal Shakes in flavors from Creamy Milk Chocolate to Strawberries ‘n’ Cream. It gets even better–they fit perfectly in your purse. Loaded with 10-20g of protein and one to five grams of fiber per serving to keep you satisfied for up to four hours. Drink to that.

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3 Responses to SlimFast Double-Dutch Chocolate Snack Bars, 23 grams, 6 Count Bars

  • Anonymous says:
    14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    A Kid’s Review
    First off let me start off by saying I have always been overweight. I am 5’5 and always been around 175 lbs. I am supposed to be 125-130 lbs I have never been that weight. My biggest issue with dieting is that I LOVE CHOCOLATE AND SWEETS. Chocolate has always stood in the way of me and being thin.I knew about the slimfast diet for years but never took it seriously. Until recently that i got to the lowest point ever and i decided that i really need to lose weight because i started developing serious health issues. THIS IS AMAZING!! If you love chocolate this diet is for you!! I went from 171 lbs to 122 lbs in 7 months!!!! and have kept it off!! I have never been this happy, its an easy diet and best of all i eat chocolate every day!! These snack bars are heaven!! This one taste just like a snicker bar and the peanut butter crunch time taste just like a butterfinger bar!! I have never been this happy and swear by slimfast till the day I die!! I recommend it to everyone!! If you love chocolate this is what you have been looking for!!


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  • MiddleAgedReviewer "M_A_R" says:
    20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Slim Fast is Evil, I’m Telling You, Evil!, November 6, 2009
    MiddleAgedReviewer “M_A_R” (Northeast US) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    It’s been a couple of weeks since we received a case of these SlimFast Souble-Dutch Chocolate bars, and I will say right off the bat that I’m going to miss them when they’re finally gone. Of course, every Halloween, when we’re stuck with a bowl full of Reeces, Almond Joy, and Snickers Fun Size bars, we miss those when they’re gone, too. Chocolate, after all, is a seratonin-releaser that makes us happy, and a few gleeful bites of happiness is what these SlimFast bars are.

    These bars are just shy of 3″ long, 1″ wide, and 5/8″ deep. That’s about four small snack-size bites. I can easily wipe a bar out in two bites. At 100 calories, 30 of them are from fat, almost half of which is saturated fat… no trans fat, no cholesterol. There are 16 grams of carbs; 7 grams sugars, 1 gram protein, and 2 grams fiber. On the SlimFast 3*2*1 Plan, you can eat three of these a day (information on this plan can be found at […]).

    The first time my wife had one, she was a chocosnob and said “I suppose this could pass for chocolate in a pinch.” The next day, she had another and cursed them for how good they were. They’re a little like Whatchamacallit bars (do they still exist?) without the peanut butter flavor (and I think SlimFast has them in PB as well)… they have a moderately dark “chocolate flavored coating” and the insides are a fudgey, airy crispy-crunchies that make for a good, satisfying chewing experience.

    The plain truth about these bars to me is that A) I think they’re quite tasty B) I don’t think the nutritional information is all that great, especially considering that C) people like me will always want to have a second right after the first. And perhaps a third… The whole point, of course, is that the flavor of these things will satisfy the craving after those three or four bites, so they’re great when you pack one for work, but when they’re in a cabinet nearby, and you know it, then willpower needs to be exercised… and when you’re on a diet, isn’t that what you need anyway?

    I really have enjoyed these bars, and aside from the sheer snacking and flavor considerations, I should have been on a diet to better evaluate the diet considerations. I’m not a SlimFast dieter, so I can only comment on the pure enjoyment factors of these bars, and I can honestly give them 4-out-of-5 stars for that. Like I said… I’m gonna miss them when they’re gone!


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  • mellion108 says:
    60 of 67 people found the following review helpful
    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Tastes Like Candy… Because It is!, November 18, 2009
    mellion108 (Michigan, USA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    When I saw the SlimFast 100 Calorie Chocolate Nougat Gone Nuts package, I thought that it sounded really good but figured the taste wouldn’t be that great. Was I ever wrong. The taste of it was incredible, it tastes exactly like a Baby Ruth candy bar (which I love). Immediately after eating the first bar, I wanted to jump on here and give it a five star review. I was incredibly excited to find a diet bar that had this kind of taste, but then I started thinking that nothing like this comes without some kind of price so I turned the box over and looked at the Nutritional facts.

    What I found was that the reason the Chocolate Nougat Gone Nuts bar tastes like candy is that it basically is. The reason that this is diet food is only because they are doing portion control. Since it tastes like a Baby Ruth, I wanted to compare apples to apples (although that would be a much healthier and cheaper snack). A fun size Baby Ruth is 18g compared to the 22g in the Slim Fast bar, so the Slim Fast bar is slightly bigger and make the numbers look a little worse than they are, but here is the comparison:

    Slim Fast 100
    Baby Ruth 83

    Total Fat:
    Slim Fast 5g
    Baby Ruth 4g

    Saturated Fat:
    Slim Fast 2.5g
    Baby Ruth 2g

    Slim Fast 55mg
    Baby Ruth 41mg

    Slim Fast 14g
    Baby Ruth 12g

    Slim Fast 7g
    Baby Ruth 10g

    Slim Fast 1g
    Baby Ruth 1g

    All of these nutritional numbers pretty much equal out when you consider that the Baby Ruth is 82% the size of the Slim Fast bar (with the exception of a higher sodium content in the Slim Fast and more real sugar in the Baby Ruth). The numbers for other fun size candy bars are about the same. For me, there is nothing wrong with having a small piece of candy when I crave something sweet (or as a reward for good eating the rest of the day). Generally, I try to do this with the mini rather than fun sizes, but that is probably valid as well. However, what really makes this product a bad idea is the price of using it as your sweet snack.

    A box of the Slim Fast contains 6 bars for a total of 132g., the bag of fun size Snickers bars that I had left over from Halloween contains about 18 bars for a total of 317g. The thing is that these two items cost basically the same. So, by buying a traditional candy in a fun size bag, you get three times as many snacks with the same nutritional value for the same cost.

    Because I feel completely ripped off by Slim Fast basically repackaging candy and selling it for three times the cost, I ended up giving the product only a single star. This rating is not a relection of the taste or quality of the product (which is five stars), but the value of it. If the thought of incorporating fun size candy bars (or even minis) into your eating goes against your idea of dieting, then don’t do it. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that because these bars come from a diet food company you are doing anything different… only at a much higher cost.


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