My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition – Nintendo Wii Reviews

My Health Tutor 2: Train and Vitamin – Nintendo Wii

My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition - Nintendo Wii

  • Non-public digital coach demonstrates moves, provides recommendation, and provides motivation
  • Get Entry To almost Eighty workout routines for dropping pounds, reducing your cholesterol, and getting ready for swimsuit season
  • Personalized objectives mean you can selected size and frequency of software on a calendar
  • Customise your surroundings and pick your favourite form of exercise track
  • Personalized healthy foods: Over 130 recipes constructed around your specific wants with a purpose to Fit within your exercise plan. Weekly menu and procuring Listing incorporated.

Personalized Health and Vitamin sport in one: Personalised workout with over 80 workout routines per trainer and A Hundred Thirty wholesome recipes in keeping with your goals and wishes. Pick From different trainers, environments, challenges and objectives and your personal coach will Teach you to get in form and shed pounds.

Key Features:

  • Motivational workout partners: Choose From 4 Private trainers (2 men and a couple of girls) who’re in keeping with actual Fitness coaches vs. in-recreation characters.
  • Customized exercise regimen: Over 80 workouts per coach with primary and secondary targets for both women and men: 25 for each and every, corresponding to weight loss, get Match for holidays, decrease ldl cholesterol, new 12 months/new start, six packs for summer season.
  • Personalised healthy foods: Over One Hundred Thirty recipes constructed around your specific needs (ingredient likes and dislikes) with a purpose to Match inside your exercise plan. Weekly menu and purchasing Checklist integrated.
  • Charting growth: See your success tracked and displayed graphically over time.
  • Number Of settings: Choose From 4 completely different workout environments (seaside, gym, forest and mountain) & Variety Of challenges (dance, military, boxing, cardio, football).

List Worth: $ 19.Ninety Nine

Price: $ 9.20

3 Responses to My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition – Nintendo Wii Reviews

  • L. Murphy "oldboots" says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Don’t waste your money!, January 6, 2010
    L. Murphy “oldboots” (Ozarks) –

    = Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    I was so excited about the new My Fitness Coach 2, and braved snowy roads to purchase mine today. What a huge dissapointment! First of all, I paid almost $30 for it at Walmart, so I really had high expectations. I got home, read the instruction manual and created my profile, easy enough, a few questions and weight. (It does incorporate the Wii balance board). I did my first *workout*, it only took about 15 minutes and included 8 super easy excercizes. Never even broke a sweat or breathed hard! There is alot of lag time between excersizes, you take a look at your progess, feedback, etc. Each of the excersizes used the Wii remote and some incorporated the balance board. The pace was so slow, the number excersizes and reps so few, I think only those who hadnt got off of the couch in years would be challenged. Im a 52 year old, overweight female, only excersize occasionally, and My Fitness Coach 2 was a total breeze. I have used the original My Fitness Coach for a year now, and it is far superior. My Fitness Coach 2 does contain a nutrition section, that I did look at, but didnt see anything I didnt already know.

    Update: After six workouts nothing has changed. Even though I have consistently scored between 85-95% I am still doing the same 8 excersizes. One workout still takes around 20 minutes and is over before you are even warmed up. One positive thing is I have discovered that pushing the A button moves you through all the fluff between each excersize a little faster. Still havent found anyway to control the time or quality of your workout.


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  • Glass of Water says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Two is not better than One, January 8, 2010
    Glass of Water (The Bay, CA) –

    = Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    If you liked the original stay as far away from this one as possible. The developers removed all the positive aspects of the original My Fitness Coach and replaced it with flashier graphics and less quality workouts.

    Aspects of My Fitness Coach 1 not included in My Fitness Coach 2: the ability to use external equipment (stability ball, step, weights), vigorous workouts with little downtime and interruption, the ability to work out without holding the wiimote.

    None of these qualities that I loved about the original are part of the new version. The new version boasts nutrition guides, but these are nothing you couldn’t find online. The addition of the nutrition section does not justify all the qualities this game is lacking. The new trainers are obnoxious and look horribly low quality, even on our HDTV.

    Had the developers been able to retain the things I loved about the original and just added the fitness tracking and nutrition, it would have been a wonderful health and fitness center. Now it will just be getting sold back to Gamestop. We’re keeping our original version. Waste of money.


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  • R. Warren says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointing But Still OK, January 8, 2010
    R. Warren (Westchester, NY USA) –

    = Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: My Fitness Coach 2: Exercise and Nutrition – Nintendo Wii (Video Game)
    I was expecting so much more so I was definitely disappointed. It is not a disaster like Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 but there are many better titles out there such as Wii Fit Plus, both EA Actives, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout and the original My Fitness Coach. I’ll hang on to it and use it occasionally for variety.

    I want to make it clear that the only similarities between the original MFC and MFC2 are the title and the general look of the case it comes in. Other than that, MFC2 is a completely different piece of software.

    Negative points:
    1. More flash than substance. The menus are pretty but slow to navigate.
    2. You tell it your goals and fitness level. It picks your workouts. It doesn’t tell you an approximate length. You can see the activities but they “flip” at you 2 at a time. Someone must have thought it was a cute way to show them but it is not very practical. There’s no way to pause the display or change the pace.
    3. There’s no flow to the activities. You do an activity and then it rates your performance. Again, flash over substance, as it counts up to your rating rather than just displaying it. I entered myself as “fit” so that I would be challenged but the activities are not very challenging.
    4. The rating seems to be mostly based upon your timing rather than the quality of your moves. It does measure effort. There is a timing bar that you are supposed to watch which is quite distracting. Instead you just try to follow the instructor. The measurements are weak. It measures Jogging and similar exercises by the remote in your right hand. You can sit on your couch and wave the remote up and down. For boxing moves you also just have the one remote but it claims to measure both hands. EA Active rates the full movement and gives leeway on the timing. That makes more sense to me.
    5. There is a nutrition section and a lifestyle section. Are you really referencing the Wii for nutrition and lifestyle suggestions?? I doubt it. Use a PC or a book instead.
    6. Instructions on EA Active and the original My Fitness Coach are better than the ones here. These are mostly just watching a video without any useful audio.
    7. There’s no way to customize your workouts other than changing your goals but there’s no telling what you’ll get.
    8. There are 5 challenges. I did the Boxing challenge. It was more of a workout than the regular workouts but it is the same each time. It was a challenge to stay focused when it had me repeat the same 8 boxing moves for 48 reps.

    Positive points:
    1. It works. It picked up my movements.
    2. It uses the balance board. I know that many of you care about that. I don’t. The balance board is small and often restricts movement. For example, on a squat you would usually spread your legs apart but if you are doing them on a balance board you have to keep them mostly together.

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if they had just improved upon the original, maybe by having a pure step routine that could be done for 30 minutes?


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