Lose Weight By Simple Walking ( Healthy And Easy Way To Lose Weight ) (Weight Loss Healthy And Very Easy Way To Lose Weight Book 2)

Lose Weight By Simple Walking ( Healthy And Easy Way To Lose Weight ) (Weight Loss Healthy And Very Easy Way To Lose Weight Book 2)

Lose Weight By Simple Walking  ( Healthy And Easy  Way To Lose Weight ) (Weight Loss  Healthy And Very Easy Way To Lose Weight Book 2)

Have you tried to lose weight before, but found it very hard to stick to your plan?

Well, now you can follow Simply Walking plan thats helps you lose weight.

Walking to Lose Weight written by: Emil L

The issue of walking in order to lose weight has been a matter of debate for long. Whereas there has been a difference in opinions, there is a broad consensus that walking is an effective tool of weight loss. Dr. Art Weltman, a director of exercise physiology at the University of Virginia, says that a combination of a healthy diet with walking plays a crucial role in helping you achieve your objectives in weight loss.

Walking to Lose Weight

There is a strong correlation between walking and fat burning hormones. Katherine Zeratsky, writing for the Mayo Clinic, notes that the more you walk, and the quicker the pace, the more calories your burn. This is because walking leads to the release of fat-burning hormones.

Unknown to many, power walking is easier on the joints than running. This is because when one is walking, one of the feet is always in contact with the ground. On the contrary, during walking, the whole body is lifted on the air at intervals thereby creating a float stage.

Another advantage with walking is that it is one of the safest forms of exercise. This is because one has more control of the body than most forms of exercise. For example, should one experience a fall, the impact of such a fall is minimal and does not lead to grave consequences.

Nevertheless, one should be careful not to overdo the walking. This is because it may lead to soreness, injury, and burnout. One way of countering this is by starting light intensity walking, then proceed to moderate walking, and in turn do vigorous walking. Alternating between walking indoors and walking outdoors could be of more help in realizing your goals. It should be noted that to most people, it is not the walking they do not like. Rather, it is the boredom that comes with the walking. Consequently, one may utilize enjoyable ways of walking such as having headphones.

When preparing for a walking routine for weight loss, it is important that you set a baseline on the number of sessions that you can comfortably handle. Another important thing is to walk at a particular heart rate. One can determine the heart rate by using a heart rate monitor.

Other ways of being motivated in walking include wearing a pedometer, keeping a walking journal, getting a walking partner, and signing up for a race. As you make progress in your walking routine, it is beneficial to keep it more challenging. For example, speeding up your walking place could help you raise your own bar in weight loss efforts. Like any other commitment, walking requires time commitment. In addition to that, buying the right clothing for walking as well as walking shoes will help you attain an optimal walking experience.


Key players in the weight loss industry have attempted to help their clients to lose weight in a faster, more reliable, effective, and less painful way. Health practitioners have laid a strong emphasis on walking as a means of losing weight. Overall, walking is indispensable when it comes to efforts in losing weight.


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