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Get Me Skinny

Get Me Skinny

Why is Getting Skinny So Hard?

Or so Aubrey thought. The fitness industry had burned her…again. But this time needed to be different, she needed to lose the weight, she just had to. Aubrey was destined for another failed attempt, until she runs into the talented Mr. Skinny. He holds the secret to her success. He’s smart, fit, charming and…too busy for her. She needs to get in shape, she needs to find a man, and she needs to make this year, her year.

In this book, Tony reveals the secrets to his amazing fitness program. You’ll learn the foundation for his proven MAD PLAN. For Tony, it’s personal—people need to know that weight-loss isn’t hard, it’s actually, surprisingly simple.

A Certified NASM Master Trainer who lives each moment with passion. He has been immersed in fitness his entire life. Tony helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds, with an incredible 90% client success rate. But his true magic is the ability to explain fitness in simple, relatable terms. Tony has five certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and holds two degrees, Engineering and Economics


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