Elysee LuminAcai Leg Therapy Gel, 4oz.

Elysee LuminAcai Leg Therapy Gel, 4oz.

Elysee LuminAcai Leg Therapy Gel, 4oz.

  • Key ingredients include acai, considered the “forbidden Amazon berry” and harvested from the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. The “super berry” is packed with Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Vitamins C and E, and others, including Omega 3 and 6 (lineolic acid) and 9 (oleic acid).
  • Hydrating blend helps provide intense moisturization, thus enhancing skin smoothness.
  • Contains a select blend of essential oils including lemon, lavender, cypress, citrus and mentha arvensis and also contains a choice blend of natural extracts, including arnica, chamomile and witch hazel, and a multi-mineral complex.
  • Multi-mineral complex helps encourage the skin’s response for beauty benefits and helps provide anti-aging and youth-enhancing beauty benefits.
  • Helps provide a cooling effect.

Elysee’s LuminAcai Leg Therapy Gel helps you put your best foot forward with a blend of essential oils, botanicals and skin-loving ingredients to provide a natural alternative for tired legs and feet.

Our professional strength gel delivers instant relief and refreshment for tired, dry and rough areas of the body. But, this multi-purpose product doesn’t stop there. Our Leg Therapy Gel blends refreshing essential oils, which work in harmony, with gentle massage to help relax and soothe legs and feet. This refreshing gel will make your feet and legs feel feathery light. Gently massage away those tired feet and that heavy, restless feeling in your legs. It’s a 20 minute trip to the spa for your legs and feet with our power-packed foot and leg therapy gel!

List Price: $ 24.50

Price: $ 24.50

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