25 Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew: (Weight Loss Secrets for the Busy Woman)

25 Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew: (Weight Loss Secrets for the Busy Woman)

25 Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew: (Weight Loss Secrets for the Busy Woman)

Diet fads come and go, but the real question is how to lose the weight you want and keep it off. This is a question that has eluded women for a very long time. And I was one of them. I tried many different diets. I could follow a diet for the 30 days and even lose some weight, but the problems was that after the 30 days, I was still left with my same old habits. I applied the well known phrase, “yo-yo” to my weight. It wasn’t something I said to you in greeting (though that is not my style anyway!). And after all was said and done, I could tell you the joke that I was watching my weight: I was watching it “grow and grow”! I can laugh about it now, but at the time, it was anything but funny. I knew I had a serious problem, but the answer for me was not readily apparent, and I knew of many other people struggling with their weight as well.

In fact, I now consider the reasons for my weight loss a secret, because I see that many men and women are not aware of it, yet I the knowledge I now have, I see as crucial to my success in losing weight and keeping it off. And that is what this book is about. Inside you will find a weight loss plan, and what it takes to stick to the plan, and be successful.

Why is this book for Busy Women? Because who isn’t BUSY these days. Our days are filled by work, obligations, errands, and we have to squeeze time in for ourselves. This book is for those people who are busy, and want a plan to lose weight for life. It answers the question “What are the best diet foods?”. And also provides insight into weight loss affirmations. It is my hope that you will be motivated to lose the weight you want by maintaining your self-esteem.

It worked for me and I am confident it will work for you, too.

I think you will find the “Weight Loss Tips You Wish You Knew” to be especially helpful on your weight loss journey!

Like any serious weight loss plan, you should speak to your doctor before going on any type of diet. We all have different medical histories, and the only way to know if any diet is recommended is to speak to your physician.


Affirmations Are Only 1 of 25 Tips

How to use weight loss affirmations, or as I sometimes call them, confirmations.

Have them written out or typed up and keep in your purse or where you can take them out easily at all times. Read them immediately upon getting up in the morning and right before going to bed. Read them when you look at yourself in the mirror, and before every meal or when you feel the urge to eat what is not on your diet plan. We have to get away from the idea that we are losing something by following a diet plan. Instead we are gaining something that is far more valuable and positive in our lives. These affirmations help remind us exactly what we are gaining. Say them to yourself, but even more effectively, say them out loud and even in front of a mirror if you can. And, there is no such thing as saying them too often. The more often you say them, the more motivation you will have to follow through on your diet plan and have the health, self-image, and all of the other good things that result. Below is a list of affirmations that I find helpful. Please adjust the list so that it is helpful to you, and if you can add to the list, even better.

1) So I have better health

2) Because I don’t want my family to worry about my health

3) Because I want to look good, sexy and attractive for my husband

4) So that I lessen the chance of having XYZ health problems, (or that it lessens the severity of the health problem I have)

5) So that I can live longer.

6) So that I can enjoy my life more.

7) So I can feel better about myself when I look in front of the mirror.

8) So I can feel better about myself when I am out in public

9) So I can lose weight in XYZ part of my body that I have always wanted to lose.

10) So I can wear XYZ sized clothes

(And 7 more affirmations inside)


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