Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss (EASY Diet Plan)

Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Get Free Info + Consultation): – This is one easy diet plan! If you’re looking for a diet plan th…

Detox for Weight Loss:The Detox Plan Box Set

Detox for Weight Loss:The Detox Plan Box Set

Detox for Weight Loss:The Detox Plan Box Set

Why Buy This Set?

Detox has way been considered a good way to kick-start effective weight loss. This set gives you a detailed, easy-to-follow how-to plan for detox in 10 days or less! 

  • Different types of detox diets
  • Benefits of detox
  • Day-to-day meal plans 
  • Recommended foods 
  • Bullet point 5

What’s Inside?

You’d be amazed at the wealth of information youw ill find within these e-pages. These include

  • 7 diet mistakes 
  • The secrets of a successful detox
  • Seven principles of detox
  • Effect of caffeine on the detoxifying body

Table Of Contents:

Book 1: Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days Detox Plan

Day 1 – Being in the Know
Day 2 – Getting Started
Day 3 – Period of Adjustment
Day 4 – Embracing Your Diet
Day 5 – Keeping Things Running Smoothly
Day 6 – Getting in the Zone
Day 7 – Sticking to Your Diet
Day 7 Meals
Day 8 – Embracing the Routine
Day 9 – A Little Bit Further
Day 9 Meals
Day 10 – Achieving Your Goals

Book 2: The Bikini Body Detox Plan

Chapter 1 – Getting to Know Your Body
Chapter 2 – All Aboard the Detox Diet Express
Chapter 3 – Testing the Waters
Chapter 4 – Taking That First Step
Chapter 5 – Flushing the Fat
Chapter 6 – Continuing the Process
Chapter 7 – Sticking to the Plan
Chapter 8 – Goodbye, Sugar!
Chapter 9 – Maintaining the Weight Loss Advantage
Chapter 10 – Bikini Body Ready

Start Reading Now…

If you want to have the perfect, healthy body ready for that skimpy bikini, the best way to start is by getting this set!


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